The Long and The Short of It

Such a long, long walk
Through sizzling raindrops on burning tar
Such a short distance to never

Such a long, long shedding
Of autumn leaves on yellowed grass
Such a short season of blooming lilacs

Such a long, long memory
Of a tiny little pin-prick
Such a short telling of a story, stuck on the wall for a hundred years

Such a long, long frying
Of one egg on a pan
Such a short burning of a pyre

Such a long, long curdling
Of untouched milk in the cat’s bowl
Such a short spurt of pure love

Such a long, long whiff
Of rotting plums in a jar
Such a short memory of infidelity

Such a long, long wailing
Of dogs at midnight
Such a short, wet dream

Such a long, long letter
Of words with no meaning
Such a short initial of a tall man

Such a long, long movement
Of the hands of the clock
Such a short flight to the moon

Such a long, long falling
In love
Such a short forgetting

Such a long, long note
Before the first full bar
Such a short word called anacrusis

Such a long, long journey from me to you
Such a short line
Between two infinities
Such a long, long, long thread
Of dialectical reasoning
Such a short life.

Pritha Kejriwal is the founder and editor of Kindle Magazine. Under her leadership the magazine has established itself as one of the leading torch-bearers of alternative journalism in the country, having won several awards, including the United Nations supported Laadli Award for gender sensitivity and the Aasra Award for excellence in media. She is also a poet, whose works have been published in various national and international journals. She is currently working on two collections of poetry, soon to be published.

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