Saat Khoon Maaf – Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal Bharadwaj is back and this time he has“Blaad” on his hands. Put your hands together for “7 Khoon Maaf ” and no points for guessing what the movie is about. Vishal has once more teamed up with his favourite Gulzar Saab in the movie, which has in turn given us another gem of an album. The music gloves in with every scene, every emotion and every knife slash. However moving on, the movie presents a full meal of 9 songs which include two reprised versions and believe me even after that you will be drooling on your knees for more. “Bekaraan” is surely one of those tracks you fall in love with immediately. Besides the song is almost an extension of the character of Wasiullah Khan played by Irfan Khan with a lilting chordal backdrop. Therefore, the song has this grand and regal treatment to it which in turn helps us understand the poet very well. Somewhere we believe even Vishal and Gulzar could not get enough of the character and thus gave us “Tere liye”, another mesmerizing track which has this jazz-ish tinge to it, the song glorifies the ‘love’ between Wasiullah and Susanna. But the mush is pleasantly temporary. There are certain things that don’t go together like long hair, flying lingerie and John Abraham and to break the ice, the song did not help either. After hearing the outrageous and so called energetic “Dil Dil Hai” the only thing that comes to mind is that, “what were they thinking” but redemption is just around the bend as KK returns to save the day, “O Mama” may seem to be a little repetitive but a movie like this deserves a song like “O Mama”, maybe that’s the reason why we have a separate acoustic version of the song. The song has a dark feel to it and KK’s voice makes the song find its own place in the movie. Well what’s a thriller without those lonely and sad scenes, without those haunting tunes, well here we have Mrs. Rekha Bharadwaj herself delivering the goods, truly the loneliness and the inner conflicts of Susanna is brought out the best in “Yeshu”; the song makes you connect with her character immediately and not only that it sort of makes you feel the pangs. The chamber orchestral essence and the Church onscreen add another goosebump to your already goose fleshed body. More of sadness, loneliness, madness and mystery can be experienced in ‘Awaara’, with Master Saleem adding his superfluous classical touch to the song. Get ready to squat and kick those feet because Usha Uthup brings to you “Darling” in her own powerful alto voice, by far the most peppy songof the movie and one can safely vouch for the fact that this song is here to stay, based on the Russian folk song ‘Kalinka’ and it will make you dance for quite some time now. To find out do checkout the movie and we can confidently say that because of the music the movie did receive a SAAT KHOON MAAFI from the audience.


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