Five Ridiculously Funny Things on the Internet Right Now

By Moumita Ghosh and Jyotika Mansata

1. Bhai teaches Geography


If you thought the mace-shaped locket that our very own Bhai brandished in his latest flying off the virtual shelves is as crazy as it gets, brace yourselves, there’s more. Talk about marketing gimmicks! Geography With Bajrangi Bhaijaan, authored by Tanvi Bhat, claims to be a “fun educational book based on the film”, and was recently launched in a Mumbai bookstore. It is up for sale on Amazon. Add to that the official Bajrangi Bhaijaan app, which comes with the tagline: “Salman Khan is Powerful, Indestructible and a lot many things, now you get to prove the same in Bajrangi Bhaijaan—The Official Game.”  Let’s hope the virtual Bhai comes with a sense of direction though.


2. Daniel Radcliffe plays receptionist

With over four million views on YouTube, Daniel Radcliffe proves in this video how incredibly bad he would be at holding an ordinary, everyday job. To add to the confusion, none of the employees at Nylon Magazine, where he worked for an hour, were told about their new celebrity receptionist; most of them walked past him initially. “I loved your work in Harry Potter,” one man gushed, “And the horse play you did! I didn’t see it, but…” Ah, well. Radcliffe seemed very confused throughout the stint and also confessed to be “very new and very shit!” to Joe Jonas, who dropped by for an appointment and did not recognize him. That bit sure did seem to be scripted but clearly, Harry Potter has forgotten how to handle the daily tasks of Muggle life.


3. Six-foot guy in a six-foot water balloon

A YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys, dedicated to capturing ridiculous moments in high-definition slow motion, recently uploaded this video of one of their members getting into a giant balloon, and filling it up with water till it bursts. If you think reaching 14 million views in less than a week is nothing, the duo’s original video in 2011 featuring another giant six-foot balloon reached over 95 million views!


4. Future high-flyers


At a loss for baby names? Kenya sure does seem to have sorted that bit out. Babies in the East African country were named “AirForceOne Barack Obama” after the Kenyan-American President’s jet, as their mothers wanted to commemorate Obama’s visit back home earlier this month. The Hindustan Times was considerate enough to inform us that “So far there are no reports of children being named after Obama’s armoured limousine, popularly known as ‘The Beast’.”


5. Trump Your Cat

Donald Trump has been in the news recently, mainly for the wrong reasons. But another way the presidential candidate has garnered attention is through a Twitter page and an Instagram account (@TrumpYourCat), devoted to uploading pictures of cats and other animals who have been given fur toupees resembling Trump’s infamous comb over. Even adorable animals can’t seem to make the hairstyle look good. NO.


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