Thoughts that Kindle Rajat Kapoor

Directing movies or directing plays?

Would never want to be in a situation where I have to choose between the two.

Delhi or Mumbai?

Mumbai is home. Delhi is nostalgia.

Critical applause or commercial awards?

(Smirks) Over and above both of them, and doing exactly what I enjoy doing.

Your take on:
The 2012 Phenomenon

Well if I die tomorrow, the world ends for me tomorrow.

Indian theatre festivals vs. International theatre festivals

I would like to see more International theatre. And more talent in Indian theatre festivals.

Small cinema revolution in India

Floundering at the moment. It had a good start but has to reinvent itself.

Three work habits

I finish what I start. Stickler for time. Deadlines always work.

Favourite adda to see a play

Prithvi Theatre,Mumbai

Where do you practice your lines?

Nowhere apart from the stage.

Favourite Twitterati:

My brother Rajneesh Kapoor

Books on your wish list:

A bunch of books by Italo Calvino which I bought a few weeks ago but have no time to read.

Music that gets you grooving:

I can’t dance. And music that can get me to dance has not been written yet. But I enjoy listening to everything apart from techno and trance.

Future Projects:

Just finished finalising the cast for ‘Ankho Dekhi’ .The Footlights would be focusing this year on a fun adaption of King Lear.

has a passion for odd and intriguing, and that is what brought her into the field of journalism. Adventure sports, street-style theater and travelling are her much revered leisure pursuits. While at it, she digs random coffee shop talks and scribbles them down into droll stories.

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