Shadows From the Past

The snow had melted. Sutluj was proudly preoccupied with ferociously flushing out a lot of debris. At an altitude of 11,000 feet in the spring of 2011, when the valley of Spiti was recovering from an onslaught of aridness, in a small room in Losar, a man and a woman were busy recollecting the already eroded foundations of being together.

The gap was getting wider; the air was cold; so were her gestures while taking a call on whether to go further or not.

Kunzum Pass was yet to open and there were other blockages too. The man was sufficiently disinterested in contemplating the road travelled or the map lying ahead. He picked up the camera and made good use of the prevailing evening light, paying a graceful homage to the shadows that would fade as soon as the sun would hide behind the peaks already conquered.

The shadows casted on the walls and the carpets portray no cause or concern or the expected catastrophe as images are also made when words adequately fail to describe and express their relationship to the subject in frame.










SREEDEEP is an independent photographer based in New Delhi with a wide range of visual interests. He has completed his PhD in Sociology in 2011 from JNU, New Delhi. His academic work engages with consumer culture and is currently a Fellow at C-PACT, SNU.

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