Living with the “Language”

I suddenly find myself living in a world

Haunted by word-monsters

They are bursting with intelligence and opinions

Philosophies and ideas

Empathy and outrage

Eclectic tastes in music and movies

Poems and critiques;

Words pour out from every crevice of their bodies

Like millipedes and centipedes crawling with thousands of tiny feet

And their pockets are filled with eight-legged Neitzsche spiders

And large eyed Kafka roaches

They shout and they scream without pause – poems on song-birds

Lists of dirty corporates and corrupt politicians They abuse everyone; flaunt their nude bodies or their hijaabs

They shout statistics, post-modern gibberish

They are out to bruise and hashtag every tiny bit of the world

I tremble at the constant spectacle of such noise –

Whose decibels imitate silica rubbing on quartz

A relentless grating of metallic words

And I wish I could escape into a world of



Stagnant waters

Mosquito eggs

Layers of dust

Profusion of weeds…

An idyllic landscape of complete inactivity

Where no-one would ever hear this poem

And it could live forever in its silence…


*The cover image is a part of a new series of drawings called
‘Logos’, which Sarnath Banerjee is currently working on, looking
at contemporary Indian society through symbolic representation
and diagrammatic visual depiction.

Pritha Kejriwal is the founder and editor of Kindle Magazine. Under her leadership the magazine has established itself as one of the leading torch-bearers of alternative journalism in the country, having won several awards, including the United Nations supported Laadli Award for gender sensitivity and the Aasra Award for excellence in media. She is also a poet, whose works have been published in various national and international journals. She is currently working on two collections of poetry, soon to be published.

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