Ideas that Kindle Ayushmann Khurrana

Best Anchor 2011, Best Actor for the play Andha Yug or winner of MTV Roadies. Which, for you, was the biggest award?

Perhaps Best Actor of 2012 will be my biggest award.


Singing, acting, Vj-ing, RJ-ing, blogging, composing, writing poetry and compering. What’s left?

I work with no agenda. These things come to me naturally, but I’m the most passionate about acting. If you persist to know what’s next— may be assisting Shoojit Sircar for Jaffna in November.


How has coming from a non-filmi background worked for you?

I don’t come with a baggage of expectations. I’m not conditioned to filmi banter, their parties and the jargon. I think like a common man, I react like a non-filmi person on screen, as well as off screen.


In three words, Ayushman Khurana as a child was:

Introvert. Skinny. Teachers’ pet.


Your comments on:

Theatre actors making it big in Bollywood

Way to go. We need trained actors, who follow the craft with utmost sincerity and passion.

Dancing around the trees becoming a passé

There are hardly any trees left to dance around.

Soaps’ on music channels

I don’t see them, so can’t comment.


Worst pick up line you’ve got thus far

“Oye Vicky! I need your sperms!”  and “Those dimples are… well… deep!”


Your thoughts on-

John Abraham– Thorough Gentleman

Yami Gautam– Pretty talented. As in, pretty and talented.

Shoojit Sircar– Visionary

The Ram twins– Spontaneous and so full of life

Nikhil Chinappa– Passionate and grounded

Guilty pleasures– Food, especially Indian sweets

Music on your iPod – Alternate or soft rock, lots of Coldplay, Sufi music and my upcoming songs

Food you’d dig into – Mughlai and Punjabi

Cities you want to travel – I want to visit the North East

Books on your bedside – The Peacock Throne and The Bhagvad Gita


Stage of life you’d want to go back to – I would always love to be a student again. Still thinking of doing a distant learning course to study literature – English and Hindi both.

has a passion for odd and intriguing, and that is what brought her into the field of journalism. Adventure sports, street-style theater and travelling are her much revered leisure pursuits. While at it, she digs random coffee shop talks and scribbles them down into droll stories.

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