By R Raj Rao



Like Don Quixote
He rides an ass and thinks he’s
On a stallion.


Five Pandava bums
Screwing seven days a week
Five Pandava bums.



Fumes shit pav bhaji
Skyscrapers local trains rats
Amitabh Bachchan.


Female Eunuch

The female eunuch
Claps so hard the neighbours think
It’s firecrackers.


Bin Laden

Immigration men
Grope you as if you were, boy,
Bin Laden himself!


Racial Prejudice

Race. What’s different: skin
What’s same: spit, shit, piss, pus, puke
Phlegm, cum, sweat, snot, rot.



Cigarette in hand
I sit on worn street benches
To be called ‘Paki’.



The unwashed beggars
Think of me as one of them.
Blame it on my jeans.


The Stranger

He: talking to you,
The wooing, cooing pigeons?
Me: I speak pidgin.


Barber Shop

Haircut is a time
When I dream of dicks. Here I’m
Scissored by blonde chicks.

R. Raj Rao (born 1955) is a writer and teacher of literature and one of India’s leading gay-rights activists. His 2003 novel The Boyfriend is one of the first gay novels to come from India. Rao was one of the first recipients of the newly established Quebec-India awards. Poems from Rao’s BOMGaY collection served as the basis for Riyad Vinci Wadia’s film Bomgay (1996), said to be India’s first gay film. Following the success of The Boyfriend, Rao founded the Queer Studies Circle at Pune University. Rao was one of the first to offer a course on LGBT literature at university level in India.

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