The Buddhas of Bamiyan smile again


148 dead bodies

Of an average height of 5 feet

If arranged one on top of the other, in two columns

A limb stretched here, a head bent just enough

Could fill up the gaping holes in the walls of the Bamiyan Valley

And we shall have our monument back again

New and shiny with stoned emerald eyes

A great testament to our time

And thats how we shall rebuild

All our fallen edifices

With perfect mathematics and a superior logic

Just as I resurrected this fallen poem

With an exact number of dead words

Glued to each other with clotted blood…

Pritha Kejriwal is the founder and editor of Kindle Magazine. Under her leadership the magazine has established itself as one of the leading torch-bearers of alternative journalism in the country, having won several awards, including the United Nations supported Laadli Award for gender sensitivity and the Aasra Award for excellence in media. She is also a poet, whose works have been published in various national and international journals. She is currently working on two collections of poetry, soon to be published.

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