Although the images in ‘Blow’ were initially conceived as a formalist exercise in shapes, it soon became relevant as a body of work on consumerism expressed in terms of metaphors. All the diptychs in this collection individually may lead to different interpretations, but as a whole they represent us, and give a commentary on the culture that surrounds us.

Selection of subjects on the left of each image was done to concentrate on various articles that go inside the mouth, not essentially food always. The right part of each image – consisting of x-ray plates, CAT scans and ultrasonograms exposing different internal structures of our body – stands for our inner state. All the objects photographed are shown either in a state of decay or in abandonment to represent an idea of post-consumption. Similarly, these xray plates and scans are not of any healthy individual; all of them carry signs of disease. The association between the two parts of a diptych is not only based on structural similarity but they also share something else in common in each case. For example, the image containing the apple and the brain refers to the concept of ‘the apple of wisdom’. But this connection is best left to the viewer to identify.

The project was completed over a period of six months. The x-ray plates and scans are collected from various nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories and teaching hospitals. Although the project is meant as a metaphorical look at consumerism and how it affects our inner state, the images are open for interpretation.

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