Editorial for October ’12

I dreamt of the goddess of democracy last night
She was giving a sermon
To around 540 people
There were 5 absentees
“Keep them accustomed to rote learning
They will learn to believe and never to question”
All participants cheered.

“Glorify charity, make charity a virtue
When charity is used as a tool to fill gaps,
one forgets to question social structure”
More cheering.

“God gives, God takes, put the onus on God”
Some squirmed
“Denounce individualism, deify collectivism
Let not anyone think too deeply about anything”
“If collectivism gains pace, announce emergency”
Some were confused, no one questioned

“You have to be non-aligned, but you have
to claim space on the United Nations Table
Confuse, confound, obfuscate”
540 heads nodding in agreement
“Keep them credulous, keep them credulous”
Cre-dulous , cre-dulous they repeated
“Left , right and centre are all relative terms”
540 chanted of course, of course
“People can stand waist down in water for a week
before disease takes over”
Blank faces, who cares?
“resign, re-align , re-design – key words”
Check, noted
“The biggest threat to internal security has
to be a common enemy for all 540”
Hear, hear
“The new enemy is social media, be wary”
Twitters and murmurs in the crowd
“Prerequisite of coalition is fickle mindedness”
540 achievers
“Sam’s club (Wal-Mart) wants to party in
How can he invite everyone?”
House divided, everyone wants to eat cake

“Notes and votes can both be yours”
Some start arm wrestling
The atmosphere was heavy,
Democracy decided to play some ice breaking games
“What colour am I wearing?”
Orange cried some, some cried blue, green cried a few
“All are correct”
Said Democracy
The dream broke, I pondered about the
colour, when alas I realized she was naked.

A dreamer and a passionate individual with oodles of nervous energy. The very idea of 'Kindle' took birth from the flames of her inexhaustible fire. Her intense innovativeness and leadership is more than just comforting to the team.

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